Welcome to iCUBES

A full-service facility for innovative ICT companies

Companies moving into iCUBES will find out everything is taken care of for them!

The comfortable and professional offices are ready to go and equipped with state-of-the-art furniture.

iCUBES provides professional reception services as well as a ready-to-use IT and telecom infrastructure.

Furthermore, extensive meeting facilities are available and the parking is situated next to the building.

In addition to these standard services, iCUBES also provides a number of optional services, such as hosting of IT equipment, software support, management advice and professional support in various areas (HR, legal, commercial, etc.).

An inspiring environment

The unmistakable added value for customers of iCUBES lies in the immediate proximity of imec Gent and a number of research groups from Ghent University connected to imec.

imecs' spin-offs have also found their home in iCUBES.

Furthermore imecs' meeting rooms, equipped with high end projectors, LCD screens and videoconferencing equipment, are at the disposal of iCUBES' customers.

The link to imec and the other imec partners in iCUBES creates a community of innovative ICT companies. This improves networking and synergies with other ICT companies.

iCUBES therefore offers the ideal opportunity for ICT companies in Flanders.